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November 18, 2019

Best tourist attractions in Antigua

5 Best Tourist Attractions in Antigua

With an area spanning into 108 square miles, Antigua is that one little perfectly placed dot on earth that’s a separate world in its own-self. It’s surrounded by a heaven-like picturesque beauty that stands it out among all islands, making it one of the best holiday destinations for all who have a thing or two for beaches. But then Antigua is much more than its beaches. The beautiful people, exciting activities and delicious foods make it so much more and then some more.

Galley Bay Beach: This is a must-visit for all who love surfing. You will find sizable waves to ride on. But then even if you aren’t necessarily a surfer, Galley Bay Beach packs plenty of others wonders, including wildlife. You will find sea turtles. Night-time is even more miraculous. You can go scuba diving to explore the underwater wildlife.

Nelson’s Dockyard– There’s plenty to see and experience at Nelson’s Dockyard – from restaurants and shops to museum and, of course, Dow’s Hill Interpretation Center.So, if possible, spare a couple of days here. Originally, this was the headquarters of Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson between 1784 and 187. Now, it is one of the hottest attractions in Antigua.

Shirley Heights– What’s a vacation without some trekking. The Antiguan heat might make the trail a bit difficult but the scenic sunset makes every bit of it worthwhile. From the summit, witness the beauty of the southern island of Guadeloupe and Montserrat volcano. Stay ready to click some of the best pictures from your vacation here. If possible, try to do this on Sunday; between 4 and 10 pm, the local Caribbean band performs and parties that you shouldn’t miss.

St. John’s Saturday Market– You can’t return from a vacation to such an incredible destination without souvenirs, can you? St. John’s Saturday Morning Market is the place to be. Packed with the locals from across the island selling amazing items, you will find great deals here. You will also find delectable local foods. Remember though, the market gets crowded pretty quickly. So, arrive early in the morning to shop freely.

Betty’s Hope– If you’re into somewhat history, you can’t miss this one. While Betty’s Hope is far from giving you a history lesson, the monument does underline Antigua’s role in British Colonial history. It was originally the largest sugar plantation on the island; today it’s a popular tourist stop that highlights the lives of Antiguan slaves. The large structure itself and the view of Pares Village make this a must for a quick stop and good pictures.

These are the five best tourist attractions in Antigua. Of course, there’s plenty more – right from Galley Bay Beach to Devil’s Bridge. For an island as small as Antigua, it packs so much more to see, enjoy and experience. And this is perhaps why it is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the Caribbean. If you’re looking for an exotic destination to travel to this season, Antigua might just be the ultimate choice.

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