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October 21, 2019

Best beaches in Antigua

Beautiful beaches of Antigua that should be a part of your winter itinerary

For the beach lovers at heart, there’s surely one place that’ll delight you to the core. If you want to escape to the warm sands and the glistening waters of a seaside destination, then Antigua is definitely the place that’ll delight you.

One of the best parts of visiting this place is that it has numerous beaches with a unique hue to the water and sand . Therefore, if you want to want to book your tickets to Antigua then make sure to do so by contacting one of the popular tour operators in the city. Hence, let’s read on find out more about the stunning beaches you can discover in the paradise island.

Half Moon Bay

It is hailed to be one of the beautiful beaches on the island. The half moon bay stretches upto 1.5 kms on the south-eastern coast and a 5 minute drive from Freetown Village. The Atlantic surf here is sometimes unpredictable and can be a little rough, however it is perfect for those windsurfers who want to head out beyond the reef. The pink sand, blue waters and the laidback lifestyle is definitely worth the visit.


The hawksbill range has got its name from the unique craggy red rocks that protrude from the water just off the shore around the beach. The first beach is quite popular amongst the tourists and mostly stays crowded throughout the year. Compared to it , the second and third beaches are quieter in nature. This beach looks stunning with its fine white sand and towering palm trees that provide the much needed shade when you want to lounge around in the beach.

Green Island

For the lovers of the water sports, this is one of the best places to snorkel. It is also one of the quietest beaches in all of Antigua and is perfect for spending amazing time with your family snorkeling on the waters of green bay. The humpbacked island offers several beaches, strips of soft velvety sand with a backdrop of a colorful foliage. You can also book an eco-tour to spend some amazing time around the beach sustainably.

Hence, what are you waiting for ? All, you need to do is contact the help team of one of the popular tour operators in Kolkata. Communicate the available dates with the team so that they can create a customized itinerary for you.

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